Founded in 1994, Vision-Quest began as a consulting firm designing and implementing Total Quality Management Systems and helping organizations achieve the TQM tenants of Vision and Mission. Through Vision Quest I developed and presented Leadership Training, Workgroup and Team Training, Quality Tools Training and Process Design and Development. Vision Quest's training and quality management systems enabled organizations to effectively implement Total Quality Management systems that achieved ISO 9000:2000 Certification.

ISO 9000 Certified Clients
What does it take to become ISO Certified? Look for yourself.

Over time, as more and more of the work process was becoming automated and data driven, I began to develop integrated network systems, custom hardware, custom servers, designing network architecture, integrating telephony systems and providing Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) workforce automation software to meet our customers' technology needs.

In 1998, the internet became a necessary part of our clients' networks. With the rapid acceleration of telephony services, cable communications, internet services, and intranet network technologies, Vision Quest expanded its services to include internet, intranet, and web-based solutions. In October, 1999, Vision-Quest incorporated and became Vision Quest Integrated Technologies, Inc. to more clearly define our services and capabilities.

Client Portfolio

At the turn of the century I began to focus on custom software development. At that time Vision Quest's primary customer base was the Moving & Storage Industry. The Moving & Storage Industry's leading software platform was a product called VanS. The programming was developed in the mid-70s, based on UNIX, with a proprietary non-relational database. Having ISO Certified several large moving companies, I was intimately familiar with all of the processes used throughout a moving and storage company's business process flow. Taking that knowledge and the acquired skills of current technology and programming I began the development IntelliTrax.

IntelliTrax provided step-by-step processes and workflows automating the processes of gathering sales and survey information, providing order entry, prompting actions, dispatching, warehousing, fleet management, accounting, claims, and MIS. IntelliTrax used Microsoft SQL Server 7.0® for its database engine and was coded in Borland C++. It was designed to integrate directly with GoldMine to provide seamless access to Sales and CRM data and integrated Sage Software's MAS 90® for SQL Server for accounting.

IntelliTrax was unveiled to the Industry at the California Moving & Storage Association's  Convention in May of 2001. As luck would have it, the convention was attended by Major General Ken Privratsky , Commanding General, Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC), U. S. Army. As it happened, the military was in the process of updating their system for managing the relocation and logistics of military personnel and after seeing the presentation of IntelliTrax, Vision Quest was invited to make a presentation to the Military Traffic Management Command Center in Arlington, Virginia that October.

The presentation was extremely well received and Vision Quest began talks with MTMC and was planning on developing a trial system for 2nd quarter 2002. Unfortunately, on September 11, 2001, everything changed. MTMC's priorities changed and the project was put on indefinite hold. And of course, the entire technology industry took a huge hit with the Dotcom Crash  at this same time.

Vision Quest had invested over half a million dollars developing IntelliTrax. Unfortunately, the timing was not in our favor and I learned a hard but valuable lesson on how to overcome a crisis. Thankfully Vision Quest had diverse products and services and we were able to pull through.

Today Vision Quest is focused on helping organizations achieve Global Enterprise Management, by providing consulting and training for organizational leaders and managers to help them gain an understanding of current technology trends and solutions. We also develop innovative technology solutions with an emphasis on custom software applications that consolidate information and integrate with off-the-shelf data systems.